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MSI Afterburner una utility che permette di intervenire a overcloccare la propria
scheda video, integrata da funzionalit avanzate di hardware monitoring oltre che da un
benchmark integrato.

Tra le peculiarit segnaliamo anche la possibilit di registrare sino a 5 profili
custom, accessibili attraverso hot-key cos da facilitare lo switch da uno all’altro
anche all’interno di una applicazione.

Di seguito le novit introdotte in questa release:

  • Added fan control support for AMD Adrenalin 2019 drivers family. Please
    take a note that AMD Adrenalin 2019 drivers adjust fan speed in PWM duty
    cycle mode but fan speed monitoring is provided in RPM only, which means
    that you cannot read back exact programmed fan speed in %. Due to this
    limitation, MSI Afterburner is reporting fan speed as % of maximum RPM
    instead of real fan duty cycle when default AMD auto fan control is in use.
    So monitored fan speed % can slightly mismatch programmed fan speed curve if
    youre using default AMD automatic fan control.
  • Fixed low-level GPU usage monitoring for AMD Polaris GPU family.
    Software SMC registers offset is no longer hardcoded, offset detection
    algorithm is more future proof now. Please take a note that it will not fix
    zero GPU load issue when Enable unified GPU usage monitoring option is
    enabled. This option implementation is based on low-level DirectX
    performance counters, which require OS and display driver WDDM versions to
    match. Current AMD drivers are WDDM 2.5 so this performance counter is only
    working when youre under WDDM 2.5 OS (Windows October Update). If youre
    under older OS version, this performance counter wont work unless you
    downgrade to WDDM 2.4 driver (18.9.3 or older).
  • Now CPU topology info (i.e. each logical CPU mapping to physical CPU
    package and core) is displayed in system info window
  • Now mandatory MSI Afterburner installation option is greyed out and
    cannot be unchecked during installation
  • Now 64 bit Visual C++ 2008 runtimes are also installed by MSI
    Afterburner installer. This should fix the issues with inability to open OC
    Scanner window on the system with no runtimes installed (typically no RTSS
  • Right anchor voltage/frequency curve adjustment mode ( + point
    drag) is now working properly when maximum voltage limit is greater than the
    maximum point voltage
  • Updated database entries with final subsystem IDs for MSI 2080Ti
    Lightning family

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